Old 78 Farm Fall Festival

Just off old route 78 in Warwick, MA

   May 14

Festival History

Aside from the great bands, there are other attractions at the festival:  Jason Escape, an amazing escape artist who uses magic and comedy for a really fun show, Pixie Bell the Clown with balloon animals and face painting, and the well dressed pony with pony rides and a petting zoo.

The  property now features a variety of animals including rabbits, dogs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and more. There are over a dozen vendors including BBQ, chilis, soups, pie, cash and carry items like farm made pickles, relishes, jalapeno jelly, dilly beans, and more. Other vendors include jewelry, clothing, massage, reiki, spirit card readings, Henna tattoo, home made soaps, laundry soap, antiques, and more.

October 5, 2019
Stay tuned for more info!

October 6, 2018
The 9th festival hosts rice-an American Band, Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, Long Arm Rex, Rebel Alliance, Old Flame, Medicinal Purpose, Dave Keller, August First, and Colorway bands. Mademoiselle Pixie Belle the Clown returns to paint faces, I’m a Hog 4 Que, Baby serves award-winning BBQ, more food, vendors, and more!

October 7, 2017
At the 8th festival, Shiprock and Anchor Dog,  Patty Tuite, Lunar Carnival, Rebel Alliance, The Diamondstones, rice-An American Band, Duppy Conquerors, The Alchemystics, and Flux Capacitor performed.  Of course, we have food and craft vendors, barbeque, face painting, and more!

October 1, 2016
The 7th festival featured: Bella’s Bartok, Outer Stylie, Rebel Alliance, The Mary Jane Jones, Shiprock & Anchordog, Good Lord the Liftin’, Secret Sage, and rice – An American Band, Mademoiselle Pixie Belle the Clown, vendors,  and more!

October 3, 2015
Festival #6 features 9 bands: Bella’s Bartok, Llama Lasagne, Daemon Chili, The Equalites, Rhythm Inc, Way Up South, DeadBeat, Rice-An American Band, and Rebel Alliance along with Mademoiselle Pixie Belle the Clown, vendors,  and more!

September 20, 2014
The fifth festival is hosting 9 bands: Adam Ezra Group, Flux Capacitor, Lovewhip, Jack Grace, DeadBeat, Mr Noizy & the Sparkplugs, Ashley Jordan, After Fab, and Wildcat O’Halloran along with Jason Escape and Mademoiselle Mademoiselle Pixie Belle the Clown, vendors,  and more!

September 28, 2013
For the fourth festival had 7 bands performing: The Alchemystics, Roots of Creation, Hot Day at the Zoo, Wildcat O’Halloran, Start Making Sense, Mr Noizy & the Sparkplugs, and Girls Guns & Glory played for a happy crowd! Mademoiselle Pixie Belle returned and there were even more vendors!

September 22, 2012
The third festival was host to 8 bands: Girls Guns & Glory, Cabinet, Start Making Sense (amazing Talking Heads tribute band), Brett Wilson, Paranoid Social Club, Rhythm Inc, Jack Grace, and Melanie & the Blue Shots. Jason Escape escape and Mademoiselle Pixie Belle the Clown returned, and we had Medicine Mammals and plenty of vendors we well!

September 24, 2011
The second festival took place on September 24th 2011 in Warwick, MA. On the schedule were 7 bands: Mick Reed, Katrin, Lovewhip, Love in Stockholm, the Equalites, Adam Ezra Group, and Orange Television.  Jason Escape returned along with Mademoiselle Pixie Belle the Clown!

October 2, 2010
Old 78 Farm Fall festival was born in Warwick, MA on October 9, 2010. The first festival had 5 bands: Adam Ezra, Dave Keller, Jatoba, Lovewhip, and Boris Garcia.  Jason Escape and Mademoiselle Pixie Belle the Clown, food, and other vendors completed the very first festival!